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AHA CPR Training Courses offered at Certified Emergency Training in Elk Grove Village

"I've taken a lot of CPR classes over the years - at colleges and hospitals. This was the best CPR class I have ever taken. Besides being informative, it was really engaging and interesting. Usually I just wait for the test portion, most classes are so boring and repetitive, but this one was actually fun. I like how it focused on real world application over just rehashing what is in the book. 

I plan on going back for an EKG class in the future, and for renewing my CPR Training Certification when it's time. Highly recommend."

-Kerri via Yelp Review

"Let me just say that my experience of getting certified here was the best I've ever had. I took an ACLS course with Jim & he was such an awesome guy. I know these certification courses can drag on forever - watching videos, role playing, etc., but he makes it so fun by integrating stories and little acronyms/rhymes to make concepts stick. Also, he's a paramedic so he has tons of personal experience and really knows his stuff.

Overall, solid people, solid place. If you want to be certified in CPR, ACLS, etc., definitely do it at Certified Emergency Training in Elk Grove Village with Jim & I promise it will be worthwhile!!"

​-Gina via Yelp Review​​

Just this past weekend my baby choked on a small piece of strawberry. She didn't make any sound but the look of panic on her face made me instinctively react. I immediately turned her over and did the back blows and out came a piece of strawberry. She started screaming and I knew she was ok. It was an incredibly scary moment, one that I wish no parent had to feel. The most important part was thanks to your training I didn't feel helpless! I knew exactly what to do and was able to stay calm. She's perfectly fine and as happy as can be. I can't thank you enough. Things would've turned out differently if i didn't have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to help her. Thank you Certified Emergency Training from the very bottom of my heart. I can only hope more people take it upon themselves to learn these skills. I know I plan on getting my CPR Training re-certified with Certified Emergency Training in Elk Grove Village for years to come!

- Meghan


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The mission of Certified Emergency Training in Elk Grove Village is to provide quality life-saving education and CPR Training to both non-healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals alike. By utilizing Instructors who are licensed EMT's and Paramedics we are able to offer superior training unlike anything else available, taught by individuals who live these emergencies every day. 

AHA CPR Training Courses at Certified Emergency Training in Elk Grove Village

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AHA CPR Training Courses offered at Certified Emergency Training in Elk Grove Village 

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Certified Emergency Training Offers American Heart Association Sanctioned Courses. Certifications from American Heart Association are accepted by all licensing oversight. We offer certification and educational courses for all levels of Healthcare Providers, Social Workers, Behavioral Sciences, Physical Training, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Medical and Dental Specialists, Teachers, Daycare Workers, Babysitters, Special Care Workers, New Parents or grandparents, or for any individual who wants to learn how to save a life and treat an injury. With Certified Emergency Training you have the ease of mind that the money and time spent on your training will not go to waste. With the modern age many people turn to the internet for a faster and more affordable CPR Course only to find that the course is not accepted by their employer or licensing oversight. Worse still, to encounter an emergency without the confidence or hands-on practical knowledge to assist possibly costing the person you love most loss of sight, limb, or even life due to a lack of bystander / first responder / provider knowledge. Many of these online companies boast a curriculum "based on American Heart Association Standards". However, due to lack of regulation it is up to the employer or licensing oversight agency to govern what is accepted. Here at Certified Emergency Training we pride ourselves at offering our students a premier course different from others. We offer a range of courses as well as private course options. We at Certified Emergency Training hope to see you at one of our courses soon!

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