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Certified Emergency Training Offers both On-site First-Aid services, as well as On-site CPR/AED/First Aid training for all your business needs.           

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CPR/AED Training for School Districts

Find out how you can certify your district students and staff today! 

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Our mission is to provide quality life-saving education to both non-healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals alike. By utilizing Instructors who are licensed EMT's and Paramedics we are able to offer superior training unlike anything else available, taught by individuals who live these emergencies every day. 

We will be performing First Aid Services as well as Blood Pressure Checks at Walk for Adoption Chicago on Saturday October 11th in at Lake Arlington in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Please stop by to not only support this wonderful cause but also to get your free blood pressure check!

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Looking for someone who can do onsite training? If you are looking to certify your employees in CPR, AED use, and/or First Aid Contact Us for information on how we can help your business!

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Just this past weekend my baby choked on a small piece of strawberry. She didn't make any sound but the look of panic on her face made me instinctively react. I immediately turned her over and did the back blows and out came a piece of strawberry. She started screaming and I knew she was ok. It was an incredibly scary moment, one that I wish no parent had to feel. The most important part was thanks to your training I didn't feel helpless! I knew exactly what to do and was able to stay calm. She's perfectly fine and as happy as can be. I can't thank you enough. Things would've turned out differently if i didn't have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to help her. Thank you CET from the very bottom of my heart. I can only hope more people take it upon themselves to learn these skills. I know I plan on getting re-certified for years to come!

- Meghan

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