Certified Emergency Training


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to register ahead of time for class?
A: Yes. You must register for a class prior to the class beginning. The status of the class will remain open until all seats have been filled or 24hrs prior to the class starting.

Q: How can I tell if a class is open?
A: The registration page lists all of the classes . When a class is closed you will not be able to select that class.

Q: Once I have submitted my registration form how can I make sure that I am signed up?
A: Upon signing up for a class you will receive an email from our registration team.  If you have any questions about registration or payments please contact Jim atcertifiedemergencytraining@gmail.com.

Q: Can I reschedule my class?
A:  Yes. To reschedule a class please contact Jim at certifiedemergencytraining@gmail.com.

Q: Are there penalties for rescheduling or canceling my class?
If you reschedule or cancel within 48hrs of the class beginning there will be no penalty and a full refund will be issued to the customer.  Canceling less than 48hrs from the start of class will result in no refund but you may reschedule with no penalty.  If you miss your class without contacting us no refund will be issued.  Exceptions will be made if there is an emergency (ie. medical or family) and our staff is notified before the start of class. 

Q: What if I am late to class?
A: Unless prior arrangements/notification have been made and approved by our staff, 15min will be allowed before the student is dropped and no refund will be issued.

Q: When will my CPR card and or Certificates be issued?
A: They will be issued the same day as the class.  Students will be notified at the start of class of there is a problem with same day delivery and will take a few days to get everyone card.  It will not interfere with your certification.

Q: I have a question that I don't see listed.  Where can I get my question answered?
A: Please visit out Contact Us page and submit your question. We will email you back AND post the question and answer on the FAQ page.  If you have a question ASK!! Chances are someone else has the same question too!!